Yay ! New blog skin .

It’s very very obvious that my blog went through some extreme make overs.
I was really sick and tired of my previous one already, it was just that I couldn’t
find anything better to convince myself to change it .

Therefore, I decided to give blogger’s template a chance, it’s changed a lot since
the last time I looked at it. Which is probably way before 2010.
I was’t disappointed by what I saw, it’s more user friendly and customize-able
compared to last time.

So I kinda made this template myself which much help from blogger.
Though I know it’s still pretty screwed up. I tried ok !
I wanted Dandelions, they don’t have Dandelions ):

The blog’s suppose to be pink, but then after I preview it, ew, it was way too girly.
I chose chose as blue is my next favorite colour (I think).
Tadaaaaah ! Something new since 2000 and no idea.

I prefer the fonts now, they are bigger.

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