Reasons why don’t reply/reply late :

Firstly, My phone is on FOREVER SILENT MODE.
(Not even vibration)
Nope, it’s fine, thanks for asking. I just don’t like my phone to keep ringing or vibrating.
(Reason why I don’t pick up calls too.)

Secondly, when I’m doing my work/computer/reading or what ever that need my attention I will forget the existence of my phone and totally ignore it until I remember or the thing I’m doing requires me to communicate through phone.
(Can take me up to a few hours to realize it)

Other reasons why I don’t reply:
– Phone not with me.
– I’m still thinking of what to reply.
– I opened up your message and decided to reply later and
forgotten about it. ( Happens very often.)
– It’s more of a FYI message which I THINK I don’t have to reply,
sorry if you were expecting a reply.
– I am not interested ._. .
– I don’t know what to reply.

So I’m really really really sorry to all those that I didn’t reply to,
you most probably fits under one of the category.
Here is one solution that might work :
– Send me the message again !
– Prompt me to reply.
” WEI ER REPLY !!!” << This might work.

Once again sorry !

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