When I was in Sec 1.

I remeber last year, the NTUC incident.
I doubt anyone will remember, there’s one alittle siao
de aunty wanting help form me and Yong Ting.
So we helped, I didn’t see the other customer’s expression.
But Yong Ting did, she keep telling to heck care her and go.
But I didn’t see the needs, she seems harmless.
She told me to go look for some stuff, so I went to look for
a kind of donno what juice she wanted. Can’t find it, went back to her
say cannot find, but she insisted me to help her find. Er ?
I stoned there, struggling looking at her, the other customers in the line
and at Yong Ting who kept suggesting we just go. Seriously, I was about to
cry. Then here comes my hero, LOL. A orchid park guy in red tee,
(Most probably the Sec 3 Camp tee then in 2008) he and he friend was
sitting outside on the metal bar watching. Then he came over and scolded the
aunty scolding her ‘You siao arh’ ‘Just come out of mental hospital’ all that LOL.
Then he told us to go, don’t care about her.
Whao …
The SADDEST this of all is that I don’t know who he is and I’ve forgotten how he
look like :C , I didnt got to thank him that day …
Who is he, he should be in Secondary 4 this year. :/


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