When I was 15

When I was 15, I admired people who were in their 20s.
They seem so far away, so different than I was.
They looked like they knew what they were doing, they looked sure of their future.
Now, 20 going 21, I know better and oh boy how foolish I was.

The 20 years old do not know what they are doing, most have nothing figured out.
Heck, some 30 years old are still worrying their parents on a daily basis.
Too many going through the motion that is way too difficult to break out of in
this culture.
We will never be sure of our future, too many uncertainties, too many worries.
Maybe that’s how things works, a never ending pursuit of meaning to the life
we live in.
I think it’s ok to not figure it out . It’s ok to take a little longer than others.

As long as you’re happy, right ?

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