the truth about “being yourself”

Everyone wears a mask. Get over it .
In this society, it’s impossible to go far without a mask.

The mask you wear in front of your friends who are making fun
of you, and you don’t want to be viewed as petty.
The mask you wear in front of your boss because telling him know
you think he’s incapable is not going to do you any good.
The mask you wear in front of your family pretending everything is
alright, because the endless questions and explaining is going to
drain you more.
The mask you wear in front of your loved ones because you know saying
your mind is going to cause another chaos.

We put on masks to hide behind it because we know showing/saying
what we really think is gonna stir more shit up and ain’t nobody got
time for that shit.
What really grinds my gears are the people that keep complaining
about ” omg I hate hypocrites so much.” , “yuck she’s so fake” .
How can you ever expect people to be true to you when you’re so
judgmental ? Who are anyone to deserve to see people in their
truest form.
Do you know how fragile the human heart is?
If I take it out and show you, on what basis am I suppose to
trust that you wouldn’t break it ? Or take a stick and poke at it.

People say : ” Don’t worry, just be yourself.”
I wonder people have really thought that through.

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