The Battleship Island – Thoughts

Not here to review about the movie (kinda), but to share how this movie made me feel.
Didn’t really read much about what it was about before going into the cinema.
Was actually a little reluctant to get drag there to watch, as the presence of Song Joong Ki made me think it was some kind of movie made to show his macho-ness and some shit. Not that it isn’t. I just don’t like movies with bad plot.
I watched the movie, and I love it.
It’s about Koreans in WWar 2, particularly those that was sent to an island (Hashima island) for coal mining.
The coal mine was a main source of energy for Japan operated during industrialization of Japan. Ran by forced labor AKA slaves. I don’t want to go into details, or that’s gonna be way too long and I haven’t shower and I don’t know enough to be absolutely fair.
This movie shared with me the perspectives of the then and now Koreans about World War 2 and Imperial Japanese. 
From young, my perspective and knowledge about those two were from mainly Chinese (cause they’re one of the biggest victims) and from Singaporean’s.
Hardly or never have I view it from the Korean’s POV. I knew they didn’t have it easy also.
I knew the Koreans weren’t with the Japanese, but that’s about all I know.
I didn’t even know about the existence of this island until this movie, how Korean labours
were forced or cheated there with promises of better lives. How they were trapped and exploited. I’m sure the real life situations was at least a 100 times worse.
But now I know. Or I’m starting to know more.
There’s still so much more to learn about.
I’m just disappointed how the Japanese or at least their government don’t want to acknowledge all their war crimes, and down playing it in their Nation’s histories. Creating an entire generation that is unaware of the horrible things their ancestors did.

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