The 3 things I can’t forget.

Okay, Hello 😀 This is
Wei Er’s Mother de Eldest daughter, Wei Er.
Nice to meet you (:

Did some flash back yesterday, wait no, Just now.
As my blog post title suggested ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Yup, there’s this 3 SWEEEEEEEEETESSTTT Things that
happened to me that I can’t really forget lah.

It’s on Janser Chau Ming Yuan’s B’day, don’t remember
the date but I’m quite sure it’s in February.
We were P1 or P2 then, so long ago…
Okay then I gave him this B’day card,
(I made it last minute with my newly bought coloured paper.)
I anyhow wrote ” Happy B’day Janser.” With my terrible
handwriting then give him liao. He sat behind me lah, then
I just put on his table then don’t care liao.
As a VERY HYPER and active child, (I’m still one now :D)
I moved here and there and turned back to the B’day
behind me don’t know how long later I gave the “B’day card”.
Then I saw “Thank You Wei Er” On the B’day card.
Imagine that, We were P1/2 then and he ACTUALLY KNEW
HOW TO SPELL MY NAME?! Lol, Joking lah. That’s not
what makes me remember the incident for so long, it’s that
he … didn’t intend to show the “Thank You” to me but he
still wrote it there lah. Aiya, don’t know how to say lah.

The Second one’s more recent …
It’s on last year’s promotion test. Sec 1 promotion test lah.
It’s when we’re tested drills, then first time mah, very nervous.
Then ……………………….Cannot say.. XDDDDDD Somebody said
somthing lah.
You want know come ask me.

This one more recent, this year.
Around June. This one also cannot tell you, want know come ask me.

Kk Bye 😀
Go revise test liao.
So colourful XD

PS, I can always choose not to tell XD

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