SOAS-UOL Distance Learning


Before I started my Masters I searched high and low for more information about this school and the programmes it provides, but I just can’t find anything! So here I am, sharing about SOAS-UOL MSc programme distant learning, hoping it’ll help some clueless soul in the future. I’ll like as much information as possible if I’m gonna fork out so much money to self torture.

Favourite part of the start of school year has always been getting new school books.

For the curious souls, this is what I’m studying right now. This programme requires me to complete 2 core modules and 4 electives, so 6 modules in total. I can also choose to take up dissertation I’ll have to use one module for it and another modules for ‘Research Methods’. That means I’ll have to give up 2 modules on new learnings, no thanks, plus, too much work really.


SOAS-UOL Distance Learning assesses us through 2 methods. Each module will consist of 2 assignments with combined weightage of 30%, and one 3 hours written paper (70%) in September-October, we can take the papers at a local exam centre.
For those who know me, I studied in SIM-UOL which they have 100% weightage on their May examination which was SUPER stressful. Failing by 1 even 1 mark means you’ll have to retake another year. There however is a pro for 100% examinations, what I used to do was skip all the class and assignments (since no marks) and just study like made when exams are near. I still graduated on time, but highly not recommended.
So now SOAS-UOL requires assignments to be submitted and graded every 4 weeks into the module, which also means, not being on track of studies gives me a HUGE disadvantaged. I started my assignment 1 seven days before the due date, and I scored 58/100 while my classmates (at least the ones I know) got 70. Lol. I’m 15 days away for my assignment 2 due date, but here I am, blogging.


AKA things I have to study/read for the modules. I am currently only 1 module into the course. 1 module of SIM-UOL BSc Business Management was about level 40/100 (personal opinion) of things that need to read, SOAS-UOL MSc International Business Administration is about 75-80/100.


1 Module of MSc is like 4 freaking modules of Uni. I’m nearing the end of my first module and I’ve only completed 20% of what I’m REQUIRED to read and understanding not adding those extra good to know stuff. Ded.
It’s definitely a lot more intensive than I imagined, I thought it would be similar to my university, it is, but there’s really a lot more compulsory readings. A few of my classmates are working and doing this course, so working and studying is definitely possible. You just really need very good time management. Which I completely lacks, wish me good luck.


1 Module is £1680, which translates to around S$3000. I need to complete 6 modules in total. S$3000*6=S$1800. Which includes all the reading materials and assessment fees, but excludes local exam centre fees (dependable on exam centre). No accounting inflation, exchange rates fluctuation yaadaa daa. YES. It’s very cheap for a Masters. Plus SOAS is under UOL which is NOT totally not recognised in Singapore. Worth it or not you decide. For me, it’s best of all world, the modules they provide, distant learning + written exams, qualification and experience they need.
Many MSc require at least a few year or relevant working experiences or a first class/ second class upper degree which I both lack.
Sometimes I think about how each module can buy me a new Macbook and I die a little inside.


Overall it really helps me to kill time (A LOT of it) here while on WX’s 3 years deployment. I can finish the course in 2 years based on their maximum 4 modules per year limit. It helps me satisfy my hunger for knowledge and there’s really no losing in learning new things.

That’s about it, my next module will start in April. See you next post!