2019 – Year 1 of 3 in PCV.

Mountain Home AFB

I’ve been procrastinating to complete this post for weeks.
Since I-forgot-which-year, I try to make it a point to summarize the past year’s highlights and notable things. At least for those that I remember. I’m doing this in hopes that I have something to look back on other than photos, photos are memorable, but words explains them so much more with more details. I want to look back from 2029 and laugh at my younger self.

Moved into Mountain Home AFB housing.

Definitely gonna be the biggest house I’m gonna live in in this life-time. It’s huge. A little too big for 2 people, 1 cat, and 1 dog. I think what we’re living in is a bungalow, I’m not sure. (Refer to feature image.)
My house consist of 2 dinning area (?), a living room, 2 toilets and only the one upstairs have bath/shower, 2 rooms one with a HUGE walk in wardrobe (yay), 1 garage, and a backyard.
You’ll think the bigger the house the better until you have to clean it. Even if you can afford a maid to do the housework, it’s a total fuse realizing you left something upstairs when you’re comfortably seated downstairs. PLUS you’ll have to maintain everything by yourself, we have to mow the lawn, sweep the leaves and de-weed the grass, or risk fines. Good thing is the rental/water/electricity are all free. One less thing to worry about. The 2 ultimate favourite household appliances are the dishwasher and dryer. O M G . Dishwasher really saves soooo much time, I just have to load all the dirty dishes into the washer and wait 1 hour~, it even heat dry the dishes! Same thing for dryer, I just have to load the washed clothes into the dryer and wait 1 hour, the dryer even removes most of the animal hair and lint from the clothes! Eliminating one of the chore I dislike the most. Clothes hanging. Seriously considering to get a dryer back in Singapore.
The free housing provided by RSAF is really one key thing many Air Force regulars decides to come to Peace Carvin V (PCV). Unfortunately, the new regulation is that new comers from Singapore now have to live out base – in Mountain Home, which is ~20 minutes drive away from base due to limited base housing. Not only that, the electricity is not complimentary, and many times if families wanna get a better house outside (than the one offered, which is small and meh-ish), they have to top up rental from their own pocket. So it’s not really ‘worth it’ to be deployed here as before.
Initially I wanted to write about the facilities inside the base for its resident but this post is getting long so I’ll leave it to another post.

First Pet(s)
Sahimi and Sushi!
Sashimi and Sushi

For anyone following, you might know I got 2 pets. (Excluding all the tiny tiny ones like ants, hermit crab, beta fish, etc.) – Sushi the Shiba Inu, and Sashimi the cat!
Sashimi is the first pet, got him as a kitten from Idaho Humane Society, an animal shelter that’s opened throughout United States.
WX decided that we are to each have our own favourite animal as pets here – against my protest. Pets are like babies, all very cute and perfect until they are yours and you have to start being responsible for another living thing. The amount of stress that first few months was almost crippling, especially when not long after the cat we got the dog so that they can grow up together and hopefully live harmoniously. (Other than the occasional cat dog wrestle, they love each other very much). You can follow them on their instagram @sushibasashimeow.
I’m not sure if I’ve talked about how stressful it is to raise a puppy. GOD DAMN STRESS. 100x more stressful than a kitten. Kittens are fine, they practically raise themselves, you just have to give them food and litter and clear their litter box. DOGS, DOGSSSS. Dogs .. Dogs you have to train them, walk them, play with them, feed them, groom them, play with them some more, clean them, chase after them when they snatch something they shouldn’t, stop them from destroying all your furniture, potty train them, clear their poo/pee. Again and again. Crazy stress and commitment. Now that Sushi is a bigger puppy (7months) he’s not so attention demanding anymore, BUT STILL. That few months were exhausting.
Have I mentioned their fur? EVERY FUCKING WHERE. I used to vacuum every 2 or 3 days, now I have to do it everyday. Of course it’s not all bad, Sashimi LOVES me, he snuggles up to me every chance he have to be alone with me, he sleeps right on me or above my head when we sleep. Sushi loves me too, listening more to me than anyone else and snuggles up to me when he’s not crazy running around. More on them on other posts, trying to keep this short.

People (Spouses)
428 Buccaneers!
PCV 10th Anniversary

If not for the people and friends here, I would have sink into depression. There’s really limited things to do here. I mean we CAN travel, but that takes money and planning and LEAVES. The random dinners, chit chat sessions, trips to town, events attending really helps the boredom and loneliness. Plus, I’ve learnt MahJong! Hahahahahahah. Which is actually really fun, and time consuming (which is good), and helps to get my brain ticking.
Knowing people from all walks of life really broaden my perspectives to different aspects too, so cheers to that!


Over all, it’s just really slow paced here. I’ve learnt how to cook so many more dishes that I want to do. (Though they still taste awful, but I really do try.) Unfortunately, I don’t like slow paced, still doesn’t. However, I’m trying to love it everyday. Everyday, I find ways to make my hours purposeful, failing most of the time succumbing to laziness and procrastination, still I try everyday to get back on track and learn/do something new. I’m proud to say I’ve learnt a thing or two. I’m also trying to be more active in self/health care. Taking better care of my skin and exercising more, will have to work more on the sleeping schedule.
I do miss my friends and family back at home a lot, thanks to technology I don’t feel so distant to them as it could’ve been. I miss the convenience of Singapore more than anything. How I can get cheap and good food anywhere, how I can read as I commute from place to place, how I don’t have to tip and all GST are included on displayed price.


Year 2 of 3. I’ll be pursuing a Masters Degree of International Business Management form SOAS-UOL via distant learning. One can argue that it might be pretty useless, with my lack of experience, and that the degree is not from a prestigious awarding body. BUT, with all things considered – how free I am here, my love for learning and knowledge, monetary/time/location limitations, it’s actually a good choice to make. Therefore, I hope to work hard for a distinction. On top of that, I want to learn more practical skills, I’ve decided to try to master Python, I know 1 programming language might not seems like much but I have no background, and google told me Python is one of the easier one to get a hang of. I’ll also live to explore more of United States, live a little more freely, and be more efficient! Ok this is getting too draggy, bye! See you next post.