Story of my life.

Woooooooooooooots !

2011 if finally coming to an end ! (Finally ? ._.)
Okay whatever .
So I am here to show off what amazing things I did this year.
Let me try to recall , with my super lousy memory .

I think I want a change of URl , what should it be . Hmmm ..

Okay back to topic.
First feel months of this year is a heartbreak. *Sigh loudly*
Oohwells, I was really stupid then .

That guy should grow up.

Anyways , then I was promoted SI .
Yay !
Pretty much expected , but , YAY ! XD

HAHA , the yellow protractor so cool .Heeh.

But the change of rank also nothing much ,
was SI for a
few short months only.

Then stepped down from NP ._.
Won’t miss the NP life much cause
I’m certain I’m going to go back all the time.

I will miss my squad mate though.

Then it’s time to prepare for prelims and O levels.
Teacher gave homework like no tomorrow.

Then kinda got addicted doing homework.

Like there’s a sense of achievement XD

Ooh I remember there’s a period of time that
we (Rachel, Cass, Naz, Dwayne and I) kept going to flea to
shop !
Miss those times , but I’m sure we will still go
flea together someday .

And I remember this year I celebrated a lot of other’s birthday 😀
Which reminded me this year’s birthday for me was the saddest . Hah .

Other than this I can’t remember than these i don’t remeber I have much life.

And one of the happiest moment of my life was that I got A1 for
my Chinese ! XDDDD
I remember it was after my Olevel English oral, then I went straight to
my teacher for my result. I jumped and hopped around (literally)
when she said I got A1 !!
I still can remember the feeling I got.
Especially when I thought there’s no hope for me to get an A1 when
Ms Low said there’s only 4 A1s in the class XD &
that I slacked, chose the what-others-thought-was-difficult de question
and didn’t check the paper ._.

Then it’s prelims !
Omg, studied like I never studied before.
I am not as hardworking as you think when I say
“Studied like I never studied before”.
The thing is I don’t really study at all before. Heh .
I forgot my results for prelim but I remember that it’s
not really good.
Got 18 or 19 to 41 (Class position).
If I didn’t remember wrongly ?

But I slacked for O levels.
I didn’t study as hard for Os than prelims .
To be honest , I didn’t study for some subjects at all.
Most epic one is SS and Bio.
For SS , I took out all the notes at randomly pick out one topic notes.
And read through it .
You know whay ? The things I read through all came out . LOL XD
Then for Bio, I decided to concentrate on POA which is on the same day.
Then didn’t study Bio , and the paper was freaking easy ! MUAHAHA.
Although I know the bell curve will be supper scary , but heck ,
at least I know how to do and didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would be 😀

Then Mr Toh approached me for CIBTC .
OMG so excited XD
The rest you know , I blogged about it previously .(?)

For me , the best part of this year is the CIBTC .
Met a lot of crazy, fun and interesting people ! XD
Learnt many many new stuff .
Went back to unit like a new person ! XD

From Primary 1 until now , I really changed a lot ._.
Cooooool ! XDDD



All the best for my CI life and O levels result .
Adios !

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