Sorry no cure …


I never tio SSP! XD.
So happy sia.
My class 2 people tio only.

June “HOLIDAY” is going to be hectic .
Got camp, remedial and NP courses .
Straight after the Sec 3 camp some more.

I really need to start revising liao.
I promised Mdm Tan that when she come back ,
I will show her my ALL PASS result.
It’s not that difficult right?
Uh, and the PTM wasn’t that bad after all,
especially when you’ve got Mdm Tan as your form
teacher XD.
She ROCKS lah! XD
Don’t know who’s gonna be the new form teacher
of 3S3. Hope it’s someone kind and nice..

Hmmm… Bored :/
Want to go out but don’t know where to go .
My Brother is watching Mickey mouse, -.-
My Sister is staring in to the laptop smiling -.-
Grandmother sleeping.
Zhi Yang go temple [?]
Me …
Slacking . SIIAN!

I want new blog skin .

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