Some random thing

* Sigh loudly *
Busy busy busy .
No life no life no life .

As usual , I wanted to complain how very busy I am ,
budden I realise you will know how busy I am already.
Same old things, just that I think I will be more busy.
Yup, HRC haha .
High Rope Course.
Wanna be a HRC trainer .
That means another commitment within NPCC . Yay .

Lol, when I went for the interview Sng sir asked it
I would be able to commit and blah blah .
Yes I can, but the thing is I want go NPAP next year too.
Oohwells, have to see.
It’s good to learn new things anyway .

So last Saturday (?), if I’m not wrong lol,
it was .38 competition ! XD
It’s for officers and inspectors haha .
I was the scorer so I some what know everyone’s score.
I can only say :
” I didn’t know our CIs are such lousy shooters and our officers
can even shoot better ._. “
The CIs’ performance were .. really bad.
The offier’s shooting were really good ._.
Woah haha .

I always told myself, every event, activity or whatever ,
be it it seems to be a waste of time or it will suck up my life
I tell myself I would definitely learn something from it .
Probably that’s why I’m so so so busy .

So looking forward to September holidays where there would be
more activities haha .

Oh yaa , one more thing before I go off.


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