You’re so pathetic , you don’t even understand why you feel what you feel.
So , stop going around blaming every single person other than yourself.

I can’t believe how time flies , its like 18943213 times faster
than the speed my brother bathe .
I think my brother just strip and rinse water over himself once and
get dressed again.
He stinks all the time . :X

Whatever , back to topic .
Yeah ): Time pass faster than I want it to .
I still haven’t grab the concept of converging lens !
Crap .
I don’t want to end Sec 3 life so fast .
3S3 is like just got to know each other only !

Sec 4 is definitely gonna be hectic .
No good , I don’t like the sound of it .

But I like the fact that I’m going to POLY SOON XD
Poly = More freedom ! Yay !
= New Laptop ! Yay !
Which also means no more seeing of bastard ! Yay ! Yay ! Yay !

Whatever laa .
I hate my E5-00 .

And YOU ! Go to hell (:

Bye .

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