Sec 3 Camp.

Okay, after looking the facebook until siian liao now I finally

decided to BLOG.

*clap clap*

Okay, I said I’m going to blog about the Sec 3 camp right?!

Eh … My handwriting sucks :/

Oh wells, had a lot of thinking lately and I got pretty much things
cleared and pretty much more messed up ://

See how easily I got carried away? ==
Okay, camp , what about the camp …
Hope I can make it a short and sweet one, AND never
expect everything to be in order. (:

Samantha nvr come for Sec 3 camp. NO LIVE! (Yea, you Sam (: )
We had so much fun loh!
The instructors are AWESOME!!
Swear I never met other people more F U N N I E R than them! .
Not only are they funny, they are really nice too, at the same time
we DO listen to those jokers with respect when they speak.
That’s a level that’s hard to get for a leader, BALANCE.

Just think through it, those activities we do during the camp are just
some common camp activities which most of us have done before,
especially for the UG people.
Lucky for us, the instructors are a bunch of fun people, if not the
camp is going to be boring .
Hahs, boring. I think for the whole camp the ones what felt most
bored are the teachers. Sit and watch only.
Teachers, XD
You know for the campfire night, the teachers all wore white.
White shirt, plus the tent is white plus the strong white lighting.
They seems as if they are attending a funeral .
The campfire was pathetically small. -.-

My group and some other groups didn’t get to kayak :/
SAD!! That’s not a everyday chance you know?
(Shut up , the ones from NCC SEA)
Siian :/

The camp was over all F U N , and F U N N Y. XD
I’ve met more friends, learnt new things , saw more stuff
and earned myself a bottle of Rebena after the camp.
Woots, Cool 😀

K, Adios.
That’s about it . (:

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