Screwed up Singapore education system .

Singapore ‘ s education is unfair .
They shouldn’t stream us during Primary Six.
Some people are late bloomers you know ?

How many of us are mature enough to know
of the importance of eduction and how important
it is in country like SINGAPORE,
where that piece of paper with your name
on it basically defines you ?
When you were in P6 ?

How many of you realised that the PSLE aggregate
is will affect your path for the rest of your life?
When you were in P6 ?

This society is no longer a place where you prove
your ability by showing .
You prove it using a piece of paper with your
name on it , your certificate.
Who cares you have more experience than
that degree holder ?
Who cares you know more ?
You starting pay will always be lower than
the degree holder .

You see , when you first get your PSLE score ,
there will be 3 possibilities .
Good , soso and bad .

The ones with good results go to good secondary school.
(RGS, RI, Cat. High, CHIJ ST. Nic)

Those with soso results go to normal soso neighbourhood school.

Those with bad results, two path .
They will either end up in good school’s Normal Aced/tech
stream or will go to lousy school’s express .

Okay , I will show you the problem with this .
The well established good schools (RI,RGS etc.) will definitely
have a lot fund from the gov. .
They are usually very rish.
With more fund they can provide their students with more enriching
programs or learning journeys , courses , whatever .
All this are very good for the students, they help them learn .
But all this need money !
And good well established with high PSLE entrance score have them.
And who are those in these school ? The already very smart student.

The less established school with not-as-smart students, will have
lesser fund from the government because the school’s student
aren’t so talented to help to ahieve alot for the school.
So they have less fund, less enriching programs .
Basically lesser opportunities.
But they are the one that needs this most !

The other problem is the streaming during P6 .
Some slow broomer or those that didn’t do very well
druing their primary school life can also do very will in
the future !
But just because they didn’t do very well for PSLE they
were put in the less good school with lesser learning
opportunites and ways they can show their talents.
Isn’t that unfair ? It’s not they can’t do it,
they were just slower in doing it.
And those did well or PSLE doesn’t mean
that they will continue to do well .

And now everyone is defined by the school they come from.
People from RGS , RI , Hwa Chong don’t even have to take
O levels ! And what makes the government so sure that
they are good enough to not take O levels?

Good rich schools have more fund to have more CCAs
that help students to find and develop their talents.
Soso school have lesser funds to have lesser CCAs so
the students have lesser opportunities to find their true selves.

So basically, about 50% of our life is already set.
Of course the student can continue to excel in less good schools,
but this is solely their hardwork and that they know how important
the cert with good result is .

Well, this is my personal opinion .
You agree or not is not of my concern .

Bai .

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