I’m supposed to be in shcool for ‘STC training’
and passing up my Bio file .
What am I doing here ?
Wth ..

My eyes are swollen ):
And my vision is blur ,
and I just realized I didn’t wear spec .
No Wonder .

I don’t know what to do with the Bio file !
I missed out a lot assignments ,
cause I don’t know what the heck the Rosemawati
was teaching same to Ms Wong .
You know , I always have this thinking that
Ms Wong anyhow teach us .
And I am proven right many of time .
She can teach us wrong facts ,
if not missing out facts .
Facts are important in Biology you know ?!
Okay , whatever .
She need to improve on her spelling also .
The thing is that it is not that she doesn’t know how
to spell , the thing is she don’t even bother to
go back and check what she’d typed .
Hais .
That’s what happens when you have like only 2
classes of Bio student each year with only 2 PURE
Bio teachers .
Sad life for OPSS .

And the STC thingy ..
Really wanted to go !
But go confirm is tentage one loh ,
but it was ..
No it is STILL raining !
How the heck are they going to pitch a tent
under the rain ?! Major Tan is going to SCREAM
at them .
And they can’t possibly peg the pegs into concrete
ground . Aahahahaha !
So I’m going later ._.
When the rain is lighter .

You know what ?
I’ve realized something ,
every time when I’m blogging , I’m mixing up all
random matters into one post .
Unlike others who talked (or rather typed) about the day’s
event .
How they blah blah blah bought this XXXXXX expensive shirt .
I don’t do that .
Not because I want to be special ,
it’s because I really cannot remember what I did
after I reach home . Lol .
Not my fault , My brain is structured in a way that
it only remembers crap and forget everything
else that is important .

And I’m talking crap again .
I want to go back to sleep , but I know I can’t
cause if I go back to sleep now ,
I’ll wake up at 1 PM .
Confirm plus chop , guarantee wake at 1 PM .
I’ll be dead then .

I think I have to pass up the Bio file some other day ?
I don’t know what I’m suppose to do with it .
Guarantee will tio own by Carol Wong .

OOoh, Alex just SMSed me .


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