Percy Jackson

Okay, so I just watched Ted and Jecy Jackson and the lightning thief.
Within 3 hours.

Here are my reviews.
Ted – Suck
JP – Sucked even more especially after reading the book.

Ted .
It’s damn vulgar. Very .
Though I kinda get the story line but it’s …
pointless ? Not very exciting ?
Boring story line ?
Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Peter Johnson ..
I mean Percy Jackson !

The actor is freaking hot . *omg omg * XD
But that’s pretty much the only good thing about
the entire movie?
Like, com’on director, Medusa is suppose to be freaking
ugly !
Now she’s like some actress from Desperate housewife.
The whole movie is twisted so much ! (From the book)
Many many interesting parts in the book were removed
and not even mentioned.
If the movie had followed more of the book,
I believe many people would have the chance to know more
ancient greek gods. (Whom were much cooler in the books.)
Annabeth is suppose to be a BLOND not BRUNETTE ?!

I have a much better imagination of the entire story.

Come to think of it, if Harry Potter movies are so awesome …
The books will be fabulous. Sadly, I haven’t got the chance to read
them ): .

Okay that’s all .
Bye !

P.S. Please read the books of movies they are a hell lot
more interesting and educational.

P.S.S. Oh , and maybe it might be my mood or something that
affected my view for the movies. But I didn’t enjoy both of them.

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