oVertone tryout on my stubborn hair.

oVertone Extreme Blue

Sup guys.

For those around me, you’ve probably seen my new hair colour.
It’s a Teal/Bluish color. An almost opposite from my previous striking orange. I’ve concluded I look better in cool colours.

To answer some questions – yes I’m very free. Changing hair colours every few months. My rationale is that since I have no corporations to report to now, and since I’m not too old yet, why not try out some daring hair colours before I go back to Singapore. There’s a wife here that used to be a hairstylist in Singapore. She now provides hair cut and styling services out of her house. Which is cool, cause American’s may really lack Asian hairstyle/texture experience. Plus she charges me really low for the service she provide. About 1/3 price of what I would have been charged in Singapore.

If you are experienced with hair colouring, you’ll know blue is a colour that don’t have must holding power on hair. Meaning it fades very easily and quickly with a few hair wash. Red, on the other hand, has the most holding power, once it ‘seeps’ into your hair, evening bleaching it will not get it out completely.

Blue fades into green. To maintain this colour will take a lot of hard work, luckily I don’t really care that much, but I’ll still like the colour to hold for as long as possible. So I researched ways to refresh the color, and I found oVertone. Got it online after some considerations (the price mainly) and decided to try it out!

Before I start the review, you should know:
– I have extremely THICK BLACK hair, thick in the sense of each strand, and the volume of of all my hair.
– Asian hair.
– Very stubborn hair – takes A LOT of bleaching to get light colour.

The colour of my hair before.

I tried out the ‘Daily Conditioner’ first.

It’s suppose to be used like a normal hair conditioner, and it’s suppose to ‘refresh’ the hair colour.

Honestly the darkest of it gave me a shock, I was expecting something more ‘milky’.
Yikes. I know.
Here’s the result after using it after purple shampoo and leaving it on wet hair for ~10 minutes.

This is also the first time I’m seeing how bad my hair ends are, when the photo was taken. There was virtually no visible difference. D: Sed.

So I tried the other method they suggested for more obvious result, applying it on dry hair.

Note: For my amount of hair, the daily conditioner is really very little. Probably can last me 1 month MAX.

Sorry for the dirty mirror, I’ve wiped it since.

This was after applying the daily conditioner on my dry hair for AT LEAST 1 hour and after washing, but still there was no difference. Meh.


Actually, there is ONE difference. The inner side of my hair.

Look how purpleish it is!

Look, there’s a little blue there that wasn’t there before. The purple is new too. It used to be red on the part that’s purple before I dyed my hair teal. The red that cannot be bleached away mixed with the blue and became purple. Not hating it.

If you have thick stubborn hair like me, the daily conditioner probably will not make any difference for you. It’ll probably work if your hair was very light blond to begin with.

Together with the daily conditioner, I’ve also bought the colouring conditioner in the same colour – extreme blue. I have yet to try that yet, will update here once I’ve tried it. Stay tuned!