OO .

I’m so sure my index finger is broken.
I hit it hard with the peg. OUCH!
It’s still hurts now. And yes, I’m still typing with my
right hand with our the index finger , cool.

Long time no post liao, busy with school stuff, NP stuff and
… Eating. LOL .
Even ever I reach home I would be too lazy to move or
too busy to care.

So now, here I am trying to safe my blog. Poor thing, sayang sayang.
And yes, talking about blog, I’m put in charge to do my class blog

POA is tough and easy at the same time, very complicated but easy to be
understood too. Social Studies is interesting, but I don’t want to do the work
, sure it’s gonna be like history. -.- Source Base, Confirm die.

And, seriously life sucks. It definitely can be better o.o
Ah, go do blog liao. ADIOS.

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