Hello my non-existence readers ! Good day.
Lemme update some thoughts and feelings for my own future amusement.

After exams, I will have almost 4 months of holidays. 3.5 months to be exact.
I’ll also be going to Tokyo for a week at the beginning of September, naturally,
I’ll need MONEY to enjoy myself to the fullest there.
To be honest I need money ALL the time. I have no idea where all my money went.
They come so slowly and gone so fast, and I can’t remember what I bought.
I need more money *cries*.

Anyways, so to earn money for my Japan trip, I took up this job in a insurance
(I really shouldn’t have taken this job, the pay is worse than shit, totally waste
of my time. I only took it up because the timing seems accommodating for my tuition
but it’s all a LIE. Sad-ed)
I’m not involved in the sales part, I’m in the customers services department.
In another word, saikang. Kinda. Plus, I’m the temp of the team that does the shit job
no one wants to do, yeah, so I do the saikangs of the saikangs.

Before this job, I didn’t really have any experiences in an office environment.
Not counting my intern, cause the office was so small and it’s only the on site office,
there was a total of 5 people ?
This current office I’m in is HUGE.
There are about 100 over people in the office I think.
That’s not the worst part, you know what is the worse part?
It’s freaking open concept. Why would they do thaaaat?
Everyone can see what’s everyone is doing (or not doing)
if you look up (if you can see that far). The space is big but man it’s making me
feel claustrophobic. VERY. Especially for someone like me that needs her freedom.

Oh sorry, I made a mistake, that’s not the worst part.
The worst part is the atmosphere is god damn fucking DEPRESSING.
I cannot breathe. I kinda regretted and felt like leaving the second damn day there.
Everyone is just looking down (exception for my team), tapping on and on on their
keyboard. No smile, no interaction, no life. Can you imagine ???
Everyone was in those few standard office wear.
Ladies in dull flora dress. Men in shirt and trousers.
The entire place just feel like it’s there to suck every life out of your soul.
Ok it’s not that bad, but that’s how I felt when I look around.
Now I try not to look too far from my desk.

I hate being restricted, I don’t work well with rules and regulations.
If it gets on my nerve enough I will make it a point to break it.
rules and regulations. For me, what’s the most important is to do my job well and to
complete it well. Then there’ll be things like dress code, standard emails replies,
protocols, etc.
OK, stop, I know it IS necessary for an organisation to be .. organised.
To have it’s SOP, it’s boring stupid reporting timings, and shit. I totally understand.
The thing is I don’t think it’s the thing for me, and I don’t think it make people love their jobs more.
Serving people behind emails and phone calls, might I add I really don’t care about them?
I seriously don’t, I have no part in the money made. I can’t care less about their insurance problems.

I do feel better about it all after my second week there, mainly thanks to the
people in my team (They are super fun loving and funny). And no thanks to the people
that take our enjoyment as a personal offence. I did learn A LOT from my colleagues, it’s an idustry I wasn’t familiar after all. (Learnt about accidents, liability disputes, lawyers, funny people, etc.)
Also I found some ways to spend my time when I have absolutely nothing to do and my colleagues are too busy to entertain me. I walk to the pantry and get myself a free cup of Milo. I can drink bout 4/5 cups per day. Time seems to pass faster this way, and the week pass faster this way.
Soon, I’ll be off to Japan. I can’t wait. Yay !

I do feel better that that place, but all these feeling really got me thinking about what
on Earth do I really want to do in the future. I’m ok good at sales, but the people in sales
industry really irks me (not all). I’ve been to Yun Nam, I know.
I apparently can’t sit very still in front of computers staring at countless emails that really
doesn’t interest me. I can die. I almost did.
BUT so many countless of jobs requires one to be desk bound, and go clicking tapping all
day on their computer.
(ADD: The f#@$#@[email protected]#king chairs there don’t even let you lean back. I have to sit 90 degrees straight all the time. )
All these really got me thinking. I thought, even if I have to be restrained like this, it better
be for something I like or I willingly be desk bounded like this. To achieve that, I have to
work at a place, or work for something that I am really interested in. I’ve been searching.
I realized I’ve pretty much given up on human race. The obscene things we’ve all done,
we’re hopeless. Maybe I’ll work in advertising industry, then I realized I don’t have the skills
needed. (I might take further classed for it in the future). Then I thought, maybe I’ll work for
WWF, the animals are the really innocent one that human thinks their life is for our dispense.
We’ll see how.


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