>:C , YOU ! Get lost . I don’t like to see you .

Is it me or that everyone don’t seems to be happy ?

I just went around reading random blogs .
I sound like a stalker -.-
But aren’t blog there for people to read ?
Whatever .
Okay ,
and from those blog , they all sound
so …
so …

“I need help to be happy .”
I amit I’m one of them . :/
But I don’t believe that there’s no one around that is
TRULY , TOTALLY happy about everything .
And at the other hand ,
I can’t believe how the hell can anyone be happy TOTALLY
about everything . It’s so not real .

It’s so weird .
It’s so sad .
Can’t ANYONE be truly happy ?
QUITE impossible , but not totally .
Sad , whatever laa .


Who are not wearing mask ?
Well , people HAVE to wear mask .
It’s not of any one’s choice , people just have to .

– They wear them to make OTHERS happy .
– They wear them to LIE to themselves .
– They wear them to give other’s good impression .
– They wear them to get what they want .
and perhaps many more .
So being a hypocrite is that bad . :/

It’s weird for me to think that there can be anyone not wearing it .
Well maybe , for those who are a bit of screw lose or maybe just can’t
be bothered . Tsk .

But if you wear a mask then you won’t feel comfortable or yourself
or happy .

Seriously I don’t know what I’m trying to say .

Cecelia Ahern ‘s book are gooooood . (:

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