OK, I know I don’t blog in sequence, but I don’t care 😀

Was ILL 2 or 3 days ago, forgot lah.
Then went to the near by clinic, I can’t eat or any thing was dying.
I kept asking my father if I would die, OF COURSE JOKING LAH.
And I felt terribly NUMB. OO Like no blood running through my body like that.
I had a fever, according to the doctor’s termometre which is suppose to be accurate.
38.3 degrees. When I’m not feeling well or very tired I will go a little siao one,
some of you know that.
I also kept asking the doctor will I die or not.
XDDDDD Lol. He gave me the -.- face.
Very fun. 😀
The doctor say I feel numb because ….
.. Lol, I breathed toooooooooooooooooooooo fast, body have tooooooooooooooo
many oxygen, then he told me to relax, breathe slower. Lol, he say I too stress.
Okay lah, did breathe quite fast then.
Okay emooooooooooos, now I teach you, want feel numb? BREATHE AS FAST AS YOU CAN (:
Sure numb, damn numb.

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