It’s the holiday period. (End May – Mid Sept).
Time to get a job.
Gotten a job.

I was in NTUC Income last year.
This year I’m in NTUC.
The culture is so different.
Last year I almost died of boredom and suffocation.
the atmosphere were tense and gloomy.
Rules were strict, people minded their own business.
Only consolation I got was that my team is awesome.

Here, there are more temps my age.
There are people to talk to.
The work I do allow me to take more ownership, thus motivated.
Time passed faster consequently.
The big boss is far away, a few levels away in fact.
Dress code is not too strict. At least not that anyone bothered. Huehue.
There’s a lot of food there.

The pay is a lot less miserable.


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