Okay, I’m gonna to be bored to death.
I really really really misses NPCC so so so much.
Cannot tahan liao lah. If they suddenly cancel the coming training
I’ll scream my head off, I swear.
It’s like also 2 months since I’ve attended the school’s training.
What will happen if I step down? Siao.
Gonna return my No.one uniform this Monday I guess?
O_O Omg, my maths file…
Hais, nevermind deal with it later on.

And Jinli was complaining how violence Samantha was =X

What I want to do in the following Holiday:
Go Time Zone Play XD
Go Shopping XD
Go Science Center XD
Go Snow City XD
Go Discovery Center XD
Still got…

Forgot liao, nvm.

Ya! Watch movie!
Angels and Demon
Night at the museum.

I miss you;
I miss NP.

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