Non Commissioned Officers

Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words:
“With great power comes great responsibility.
” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Spider-man.

The time seems to pass so damn fast loh.
I remember when we (my squad) were Sec 1,
most of us think the NCOs are so cool.
And we all wants to be a NCO as soon as possible.
And now, about 35 more days we’re gonna be NCOs liao.

NCO = Non-Commissioned Officers.

Being called Officer is coool XD
Why most of us wants to be a NCO:
– Can give order & instructions to Juniors.
– Can Kao beh Juniors :X (Hope no NCO see this.)
– Can do a lot of stuff cadets can’t do.
– Can go in and out of NP room freely.
– Can shout commands. XD
And a lot more lah.
In other words means we have a lot more authorities.
But you guys got watch Spider man right?
“With great power comes great responsibility.”
That’s why you people everytime see our
DEAR NCO are usually the last few people that leave school
on wednesday evenings.
They’re not sitting there to chit chat you know?
Most of the time they were scolded by CIs (Cadet Inspectors)
And TOs (Teacher Officers).
Why tio scolded? Sometime is because something they’ve
done or not done. But the other times they were scoled
is because WE(in this case it’s US not Wei Er) the cadets,
did something wrong. Tsk.
Bo bian, Their the leaders what.
And you don’t know how powerfull Mr Toh is in NP.
In a few weeks time it’s our turn …
But there’s definitely fun side of being a NCO lah 😀
Can learn so many things XD

All the best squadmates for NCO course,
lets all pass out as NCO and a Sergeant.

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