Nobody is perfect.

Irritating people are just so fun (:
Cause there won’t be only one person talking about that person,
You can have the whole group just talking about the same
person for hours.

Yoz, actually nothing to post also lah .
Tomorrow have Swearing and Passing Out Parade
for the Sec 1 & 4 . Whao, the other level would be
participating in other competitions.

And Wednesday’s gonna be our first day as NCOs 😀 ,
Although we didn’t get our Maroon colar tee yet.
Ahhahs, just by thinking of it make me so excited .

And whao, I’m posting on a Monday evening.
Nope, my homework not done yet . XD


Some people emo here and there cause they want attentions,
but those that feel the hurt most are those that can smile
when actually their heart is in pieces.

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