OMG! Watched New moon today, it was terribly wonderful! XD
I thought it’s gonna be stupid cause the twilight not very good.
The Jacob sooooooooo nice, sweet and HANDSOME loh!
Awwww… I was literally cursing belle,
” Walao, don’t be stupid! Take Jacob! Walao!”
I think Jacob’s better although he’s not as rich, but he damn nice loh!
Edward, okay lah but hor … :/
So sad for Jacob …
Both also so good how to choose. So looking forward to eclipse and breaking dawn!
So gonna watch New Moon again! <3
Omg, so shuai!
IwantBelleWithJacob! ;/
Gonna post more about today tomorrow 😀

Today at vivo was very nice, had alot of fun! XD

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