My leg hurts

I used to think and question myself. 

Is it really necessary for the old to pass down knowledge and experience to the young ? 
Experiences especially.
Isn’t it better for us to experience and learn ourselves? Moreover, when did we 
ever listened to things that we don’t believe in ? Let us fall and learn by ourselves, isn’t it a better way for us to remember and understand the lesson ? 
Then one fine day while I was showering 
( I guess ) , a thought struck me. 
I realized the old sharing experiences and knowledge with us is necessary. It prevented us from going astray , it taught us things in an instance they took years to understand, it helped us that we don’t have to start from sketch for everything we plan. Probably, most importantly to stop us from falling unnecessarily and give us a head start so we can venture into greater hides, discover greater things and finding more beautiful places. 
Taaaadaaaa ! Ok bye. 

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