My hair iz wavy yo.

I always can’t help but feel a little sad whenever I see
foreign constuctor worker.
They travel so far away from home from their loved ones
to work oversea here in Singapore.
Confirm will miss home de what. ):
Every time see them go 7/11 buy prepaid card, so poor thing.
Their work here are not easy too,  then they still have to be
look down by Singaporeans here.
Why say ” The bangalah will catch you ” when ” The bad guys will
catch you ” Will do the same trick in tricking the children to behave
well ? ):
Them coming from other country speaking some language that you
can’t understand doesn’t make them of any lower status than us.
We are all equal.

They are here because life at home isn’t easy for them.
Let’s not make it more difficult for them.

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