My 2018

Hey look I can add captions for photos, cool.

2018 was all kinds of crazy. Mostly good crazy.
I can’t remember anything bad that happened, I SUCKS at remembering bad things.
Or maybe I’m really good at not remembering things I don’t want to remember.

Ok let’s review my 2018 a little. I know it’s late, it’s almost the 3rd month of 2019.
I was just really fking busy the last half of year of 2018. Like jammed pack busy.
I’m still slowly recovering from the trauma and the initial shock of suddenly becoming SUPER FREE.

I graduated. 

My last ever SIM-UOL Business Management paper was on the end of May.
I can’t remember what paper it was, but I remember I smiled like an idiot after leaving the exams hall and walking to the MRT station because I was finally FREE.
To be fair the last year of Uni wasn’t THAT hard, I became smart and really just chose what subject I was interested in. Unlike Year 2, I added Managing Accounting in just so I won’t be suffocated with all qualitative modules, or so I thought. After passing MA on the dot I realised, fuck numbers, I’m a bullshiter and numbers can’t be bullshited out of thin air but examples for qualitative paper can.
Plus I took Management and Social Media. Social fucking media where the examples are all Facebook and Instagram and Spotify. I scrolled FB in the name of study, bliss.
I graduated with a Second Lower Honours. Tbh if I failed even 1 module on my last year, I would’ve have to retain another year. Welp, at least I graduated so I can move on with life.
Ironically, after 23 years of formal education, I only realise the joy of it on my 1.5 last years of studies. What a shame, how life would’ve turned out differently if I knew the importance and understood the joy of knowledge when I was in Secondary school.
Everyone takes different time to grow I guess. I’ll just work harder from now on. Masters next? I hope. (Only thing stopping me now cause I’m now a piece of broke ass and can’t afford no Masters.)


Job(s) and hustle. 

I think I held 5 jobs for the last 6 months of 2018. Hah. It does sound a little crazy.
They are:
1. 6 months contract job with Info-comm Media Development Authority (IMDA).
2. A Fire Safety Manager.
3. Wedding/Events Co-ordinator at The Blue Ginger Restaurant
4. Freelance Social Media Manager – Holding 2 separate client accounts so I’ll count it as 2.
Whenever I tell this to people –
People: Are you really in a lack of money?
Me: Will you ever think you have too much money?

Money – The more the merrier right? Duh.
Imagine all the things you can do with more money.
I am money oriented. However, I do not think money is the most important thing in my life.
3 things are (for my current self) –

1. People around me.
2. Experience (Work/Life/Extreme roller coaster/etc).
3. Knowledge/Skills
3.5 Wisdom – What comes naturally but not definitely with the combination of experience and knowledge.

Sorry to put these so straight, although these 3 things seems like things that don’t need money, but these things need A LOT of money. Well, not a lot a lot, but a lot.

I love the people around me, I want the best for them. I pains me I am unable to get them whatever they want. It pains me I cannot lessen my parents burden. They can keep telling me that it’s okay, they don’t need me to provide (even friends and siblings) but I know, and remember, and feel the happiness that radiates from a smile someone gives when they receive something they truly want but unable to get with their own efforts. I want to work hard on their behalf,  so that they don’t have to.

I also like experiencing all kind of different things. Travel, food, Skydiving, diving, technology, the latest gadgets. Some are materialistic wants, but I refuse to be contented with life. I want it I get it. Whatever the means (of course not WHATEVER, I won’t do unkind things), I know nothing is not achievable if you want it bad enough.
Plus they are not all materialistic. Working different jobs allow me to know a lot more people (which I truly enjoy) and learn a lot a lot of new things and knowledge! I also get to learn things outsider won’t get to know and thus understand a lot of things better. – Knowledge

I have no choice but to work hard to earn more, to do more, if I want to achieve what I want.
Plus, this is nothing bad, it’s always good to work hard for what you want, and I’m still young.
年轻是本钱。(Loosely translates to youth is wealth/potential/capital).


Hahahhahahaha I got married. At age 23. LOLOLOL. (I wanted to say FML but Xiangy might be reading). Why do I lead such unconventional/weird/funny/different life than many people else. WHY. Especially when my view on marriage is at best meh.
It’s not that it’s bad lol.

(2 Days gap here while I procrastinated this post)

Initially, 25 was the age I want to be married, earliest.
Feels like a good age to be married after working for a few years.
However, I also believe what is meant to be will be.
Some couples split after 10 years being together, some stay happily married even if they got married only after meeting each other for a year. There is no guarantee in marriage.
Plus I hate suspense, I want to go through everything but I can’t wait to know what’s at the end of the tunnel.
Also, there’s a rather big motivation to be married. Xiangy is being deployed to United States, Idaho for 3 years. He’s allowed to bring along his spouse, whom will be entitled to an allowance too. On top of provided housing and utilities. This brings me to my next point.

3 Years in a foreign land. Mountain Home Airforce Base.

Sounds good and all but I am not allowed to work (officially) in US.
This put me in a MEGA dilemma when I was asked if I wanted to accompany him to US.
I know a lot people will jump at this opportunity, for some it’s literally their life goal. I personally know a few that will die to be in my place. (Child birth here will be sponsored too as of now).
There are people that dreams to be a house wife and do house wifey thing, but you know what?
I’ve always know I DO NOT WANT to be a house wife or stay at home mum. I’ve shared with my friends on several occasion how i detest the idea of being a housewife. How Im usually dead bored on the second day of school holiday with out a thing to be working on/aiming for/attending to.
I absolutely cannot keep my mind idle.
Took me a bit (a lot) of struggle to come to this decision to come over here. Mainly on this basis:
I’ll be paid to do nothing, but meanwhile I can do WHATEVER I want, I won’t get this opportunity (living overseas for an extended period) in the future, and it’s a place I’ve never been to. Also I’ve decided to further my studies here. Masters or a degree in a different major.
To be honest I’m unsure of this decision until today, though I’ve been here for 2 months only.
But I’m optimistic and determined to make the best of this 3 years, not let it go to waste and upgrade myself to better and employable after 3 years.
I miss my family, friends, and the familiarity of Singapore terribly.

Welp I guess that’s all for now, or at least what I can remember. 


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