Movie idea

There should be a movie that follow the lead of the movie closely.
It have to be funny, with enough humor to make sure the audience stay
interested as the movie screens the lead’s day to day life.

The audience will be brought to follow the lead’s everyday life since
maybe about 8 or 10 years old, old enough to make decisions.
Audience will watch the lead grow up and his/her everyday activities.
She/he will just like everybody else, school, romance, friends, families,
conflict, just the normal things.
Then when the lead grown up, things started to be difficult, more decision have
to be made. Difficult decisions and everyday simple decisions that everyone goes through.
And the lead will always make the decision that everyone will agree to.
Like : ” That’s the only way/ That’s what I would have done too./That’s what’s right.”
The lead will always make the ” correct ” decision. But not dwelling on the scene
of her/him making the decision, it’t just a flash by thing.

The decisions:
– She/he’ll ignore the little kid that looked alone because she was running late for the
interview that the audience knew was what she’d been waiting for for the past 3 years.
– She/he’ll not give the homeless man the money because she ran out of change as she walk
to the train station. He’s there everyday.
– She/he’ll give her unfinished pizza to a stray dog on her way to school.

Or something like that.

Then the movie don’t tell the stories of the lead anymore.
It shows the little kid that was lost, the homeless man, the stray dog.
The consequences of the decisions so small no one gave it a second thought.
How the little kid was then kidnapped and sold to be a beggar, the movie emphasizing
on the fear the little kid was in, how he screams for his mum helplessly.
How the homeless man calls it a day after the lead walks pass and wanted to
get dinner, he was starving, and he counted the amount of money he collected
but he was a few cent short from a decent meal. He got demoralized and skipped
the 100th meal he’d skipped and slept in a corner by the street hungry.
The stray dog was over the moon for the food he gotten, one of the best he can find out
in the street, he brought the pizza back to his little “den” and shared it with his doggie
friend who was too hungry to move to find food.

Something like that.
Something like how our mindless or seemingly good decisions can affect other
people that you’ll probably never see again.
I don’t know I’m not script writer, but ultimately I hope it’ll mindfuck all the audience..

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