Mountain Home Airforce Base Housing

I left Singapore for Boise on the 29th of December 2018 (Saturday) and after 16-19 hours of flight alone, I reached Boise on the 29th. (Singapore > Tokyo > Seattle > Boise). US is a day behind of Singapore.
Every regular that brings their family/spouse along for this detachment (Peace Carvin V) will be allocated base housing. Each family will get a house. Bigger families (2 children or more) gets bigger units.
Before moving into our allocated housing, we stayed in TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility).

This is the only photo I can find on internet.

It’s a hotelish service apartment, fully furnished with a kitchen and laundry area. Housekeeper will take out the trash and change the towels every day.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the interior. I stayed there for a month and a half, was getting totally bored out of my wits. Xiangy stayed there 2 months plus, waiting for our housing.

On 12th Feb 2019, we finally moved in to where we will be staying for the next 3 years! 
Here’s a video I took of the interior. It was taken on the 12th, completely bare of everything. 
Depending on your luck, everyone gets different type of housing with different layout. 
What we got is a 2 level house with 2 bed room, one car garage, and an ok backyard.
2 level house sounds so fabulous and cool until you have to clean it. Take note how most part of the house is carpeted? That means we better not spill anything on the carpet.
We are required to hand over the house as it is handed over to us 3 years later. Any damage or stain will have to be paid for to make good. Stressful, especially for some reason the wall here are all fake. Made with partition material instead of real concrete. Not sure if it is a US thing or a MHAFB thing, we’ve already chipped some parts of the wall. Lol.
There’s no way we’ll afford such a big house back in Singapore, we’ll just enjoy what we have now. 
I’m pretty sure even if we can afford a house so big in the future, there’s really no point, it’s just more work and everything is so far apart. It gets super troublesome when you leave your phone down stairs.
I’ll take another video when I’m done sorting the house out. Bye ~

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