Just back from the Click ‘n’ Shoot competition.
Nope, I didnt paticipate go there be ‘recorder’ only
Lol, the girls and the guys from our unit keep looking around
for shuai ge or mei nu’ , Yishun Town got one NCO very chio
Sambawang Sec And Ahmad Ibrahim Sec both have 1 not bad
looking guy ;D
LOL. Enough crap, we look at them cause we have nothing better to
do only.
After that, went to Mac with KX they all.
Seriously regretted. They damn …. DONKEY lah -.-
Sam , Huai Miao and Donovan pangseh. Tsk.
Okay… When I reached home, no key again.
Nvm, use to it liao. Then went to look for
Ho Wei Ting.
(For those of you who don’t know who’s Ho Wei Ting, She’s a legendary
Monster with terrible attitude ans ultra feirce, someTHING you should not mess
with. )
AKA. my sister -.-
I went to look for her and found her with A BIG BUCH of people.
With good geek I dont care, but the things is she’s with
Micheal Jackson that type.
Yes, Micheal Jackson are among the people. Not trying to say they are paikia
I know they are just pure playful. After all, who wants to be bad?
But that monster have PSLE next year leh. And her result is really
Comfirm go NA or NT liao loh.
AND WEIJIA! Hais. Also not so good but better by a little bit.
She see this I sure die.
Her teacher keep calling home sia. Call her to go CCA -.-
Then her form teacher want see my father.

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