Ming Hui

Miss Tan Ming Hui commented why my blog is still
not updated, of course I have to do something about it !

So here I am to update my blog. Heeeh (:
(What an honour.)
Budden there’s nothing much to update about leh :/
While, at least not any that I want YOU to know (;

Nothing much loh, busy like hell.
No time to do anything at all, chiong proposals that I have
no idea how to do.
Meeting people to do this and that.
Going back to HQ more often than going home :/
Have not been home for an entire day for around 2 months.
Now it’s like a hotel where I go home to sleep only.

Parents complaining, siblings complaining.
Spending money like I’m a millionair. LOL .
Eating junk, crappy food.
Sleeping real late, waking real early.
Sleeping for 3 hours only for around 1 week .

Sad, but true story of my life.

Now I am officially a no life marching Panda.

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