I’m trying to see how my blog will look if I centralized it at the middle of the page.
Here goes.
I realized recently, or maybe that recent, that I love love love to compare.
Comparing myself to others.
I compare the things I go with others.
I compare the life I’m living compared to others.
I compare my results.
I compare the things I own.
I compare my knowledge with other’s.
I compare the thing I’m exposed to others.
I compare my opportunities with other.
I compare almost everything.
I most definitely taught me and show me how much I am blessed.
How lucky and fortunate I am for owning and knowing things others don’t.
But it is also killing me, and my self esteem.
I’m never good enough.
It kills me, especially when I know I put in 101% of my effort
to get something I like to work, and there’s always this lucky guy over there
getting it with the least effort you can imagine. Even worse still, it doesn’t matter to him.
I’m never good enough. 
I’m never actually good in anything.
Not academically.
Not socially.
Not NPCC-ly.
Not in ITs.
Not in working hard.
Not in relationships.
Not is being good to people.
Not in anything. 
Hmm .

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