Malaysia, Dayang.

Hello there random citizen.

 Before I start with my recounts I’m gonna start with some photos.

That place is Malaysia, Palau Dayang.
When there for my open water diving trip, and yes I am now an certified diver 😛
Diving is an experience I believe nothing can take it’s place.
The feeling and the achievements I felt haven’t been so great for anyother things.
For instance, I was really really not confident of myself for clearing mask,
but now I can clear it whenever I want. Haha.

The island is located pretty far from Singapore, the travelling time is ridiculously
Reached there in the early morning, and the first thing that caught my breath
was the water there.
The sea there has super duper clear water, those that you actually see on TVs
only. It’s so damn clear that even in the dark I could see the fishes swimming
underneath. I still could rememeber my first comment about it :
” I don’t mind falling into water like this. ” while I was crossing over to the
jetty from the ferry.
The water was freaking clear.

Was really not confident for my first dive, heart was beating very fast.
That didn’t last long, I gained my confidence after a few dives.
All in all, the experience of diving was great.
Got to see things I really thought I’ll only be able to see them on TV this life
time. Tried things I didn’t think I’ll ever even think of.
Had fun learning and seeing new things, and people.Totally relaxed and had fun.
Probably the best 4 days of my life so far, but I know more will come. (:

If you have the chance, try soemthing new.
You’ll never know what kind of surprise it would bring.
Advance diving, why not ?

Byebye 😛

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