Lynch mob mentality.

I’ve always liked Social Media.
I think they are a great and easy way for people to look far away and
learn about other people and culture they may never ever reach in this life.
To widen their perspective, to marvel about the world and people.
To reconnect with old friends, to share great ideas.
Then I realize Social Media is just a tool, and like all tools, 
its impact is in the hands of the user. 
You can give 2 men the same smartest machine on Earth, 
one will write new programs, spread positive messages. 
The other will only be an internet troll even though he have everything 
else the first man have.
I’m not sure about the internet community in other countries, but in Singapore, so
many self-righteous people posts about things that they deem ‘not-right’ or ‘unfair’
online with pictures of the person and sometimes sensitive information.
Some of this post goes unnoticed by general public, some picks up traction
and goes full blown viral and picked up by state media.
Often times creating a lynch mob, where netizens digs out more information about
the supposed ‘person-whom-have-done-wrong’, sharing them online, cussing them,
demanding ‘justice’ to be brought.
When all of them based their opinion on the original poster’s opinion, and when
none of them, including the original poster, knows the fact.
I’m not saying that the original posters are always wrong, but they definitely only represent
one perspective. Even real criminals that committed murder deserves a trial and his
innocence protected until proven guilty, then why can’t we give a random guy on the
internet we know NOTHING about the benefit of the doubt?

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