Live like its your last day.

As you stalkers know… I mean viewers know , heh,
I prefer to blog about a certain topic than blogging
about my daily life.
Common, who on Earth cares what I’m eating or where
I’m going ?
Okay , maybe there are some that’s pretty interested
about this minor stuff but why should I share it with you
hahahaha .
I’ll do it when I feel like it.
My life’s not that interesting yet anyway, yet.
At least not for me . :/

Ooookay maybe it is, heeeeeeh. XD

So here I am today to crap about
” Living like it’s your last day ” or ” Live like there’s no tomorrow”.
Okay, you get it can le.
So basically it’s telling people to seize the day,
to make full use of the day, to do what ever you have to do today so
that you won’t regret.
Or somewhere along the line.

At first when I heard this “quote” , I felt :
Yeah , yes we should. Seize every moment and make everyday count.
Do things now before we regret we didn’t do it in the future.

Yup, but this thing works to a certain extend.

Let’s see, if it’s your last day would you spend all your time in front of the
computer chionging proposals?
Would you even go to work?
I believe many would want to spend their last day enjoying with their
loved ones and telling them everything and how much they love them.
Every one would throw their job aside and do what is most important
to them right now, and I believe it definitely would not be opening
their shops to serve customers nor going shopping.
The economics’s definitely gonna crash if everyone does that ._.

So I think 
” Putting your best and doing your best in everything you do 
and every challenge you face.” 
“Doing everything like you’re doing it for the first and the last time.”
“Cherish every moment.”

Would be better bah ?
Haiyo, I lost my trace of thought .
But should be around there bah ! This is my personal view laa !
You don’t agree then too bad loh.
Haiyo ._.

Zai Jian !

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