Life so far

Life so far is good , I guess.
There’s this saying “Mai hiam buey pai.”
Which translate to: If you’re not picky, it’s not that bad.

The only worry is my upcoming results, which I am also excited about.
I hate suspense, even for movies, I would like to know or wouldn’t mind knowing
the ending before hand. It saves a lot of time like that.

Back to my life.
Working temp/full-time Monday to Friday is obviously not my thing.
I’m not “settled” or mature enough to sit at one place minding for one
thing Mon-Fri. I mean, world’s too big and I’m too young!
There’s still a lot of things waiting for me to be experienced and try.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you can’t experience or try without
money. That explains why I just suck it up and go along with the 9/5 Mon/Fri.
You don’t always get what you want.

That is also why, I’m still and constantly looking for revenues to increase my revenues.
If I want to experience more, buy more, I have to definitely earn more.
Plus, I totally do not believe in the “just don’t buy/do so much if you don’t have the money.”
Nah uh.
I believe in working hard, hard and harder to achieve what you want to buy or
experience. You know what’s gonna happen if you just sit there and wait until
something you want is affordable or you have enough to afford it?
Nothing. Nothing will happen, because you’ll never get it.
Things that are worth it are not within reach.
You have to fight for them, run after them, work hard for them.

That’s why I’m holding 3 jobs. Kinda ~
Still, not enough, I have to earn more. The money are absolutely pathetic.
If you’re reading this, and have flexible jobs to offer, contact me.
If you’re reading this, and have too much money on hand, also, contact me.

Life’s too short to just wait for things to happen.

Anyway, are they exhausting? Yes, yes they are.
Worth it? Yes, it’s worth it.
Especially when you finally get that thing or get that thing that your loved
ones really wanted.

Other than that I currently just waiting for my temp job to end, Japan to come
(or rather to go to Japan), and I really wanna dye my hair blue.

Ok bye !

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