Some friends might know my views on children.
They are cute and all until it is yours.

Many friends, my sister included, thinks children are adorable
and many aspire to have one/many of their own.
They think kids are all these little bubbly adorable snugglepuffs
that does silly little things.

I view them as cute little monster unless they get too noisy
then they aren’t cute anymore hahahah.

The thing is when they see a kid, they see a kid.
I see a future man/woman that will one day grow up to be
an individual of the society.
一个不小心 they might be one of the asshole you see
in FB videos hitting woman or one of the slut spoiling relationships.
It all depends on their cultivation and teachings.
That’s a hell lot of responsibility on the parents’ and family part.
Any incident might make one outstanding person or break him/her
into a burden of society.

That’s pretty scary.

So think carefully if you can take up the responsibility of bringing up
a person that can contribute to the society or at least not be a burden;
and not just because ” Awww they are so cute to play with.”
They can only be that innocent and entertain you that few years.

Plus, you have to make sure you as the parent or guardian can PROVIDE
sufficiently for that little person for his/her well being and growth.
IF you don’t plan to give/him/her the best why bring another person into
this cruel cruel messed up world just to suffer or just to lessen your own

Right ?

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