Just thought that I should blog .

I am hungry again , therefore I shall blog (:

I am considering putting my blog as private..
But actually I don’t see the need since this
blog has lesser readers than privated blogs.
Heck .

Okay, has been awfully busy recently .
Which definitely includs now, just look at the
time I blogged this .
Is busy with NPCC stuff and …
Yeah, only NPCC stuff I guess ._.
HQ and Unit .
Unit is okay but HQ is a headache.
Especially when it’s in CCK.
Gosh , the travel fare is enough to kill me .

Stressed .

NPCC is not the only thing that is making me stress
right now , hais …
Oohwells, should take a step at a time and
see how things goes. Meh .

Okay , so Wei Ting went away for a 2 days camp.
Which means 2 days of peace for me . Yay (:

Okay can , very tired le shall sleeeeeeeeeeeep !
Sweeeeeeet dreams everyone ! .

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