It’s just a simple yes or no.

Frankly speaking, my 2009 was not very good.
Well, it’s either good to the extreme if not it
sucks to the core and the other times I’m feeling
I’ve definitely learnt ultra loads of stuff be it
NP or relationship with people.
There was alot of thing going on in my Sec 2 life
and I believe there will be more in Sec 3.
(I’m a Sec 3 kiddo now XD)
Let me list some things that I can’t forget about
NPAP, it was the biggest parade I’ve ever attend.
The bus rides to and from HTA was the … most
20 Feb, a date I’m never gonna forget.
The Stupid Literature Play, it sucks I tell you
waste my time only. And I really complaint
how it sucks in the Lit Play reflection.
But it was fun playing with friends til the uncle chase
us out. I was the… wait… I forgot,
Ah yes, the Stage Manager.
I was the Class Vice 😀
Then blah blah blah, I forgot what happened.
1st of June, another date I’ll nver let go.
Damn sorry but I don’t really have alot memory
of class… :/
Then it’s end of academic year, went to KL
under NP and met alot of new friends and seniors.
A bunch of nice people.
Then it’s the end of year, Fancy drills training, Campcraft competition training.
Then Him … Argh. YES OR NO?!

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