It feels real to them;

I don’t remember if I mentioned in this blog, I probably did, that I was

envious of those that don’t have to go through much hardship.
Those that appears to not have went through any big winds and big waves.
People that once they open their month and talk you know they didn’t go
through what you did.
Let’s call them the type 1 people.

I don’t mean those that are born rich and all. I am very envious of them.

I can’t say that they don’t have nothing to worry about, but honestly,
most problems we face (80% of it ?) can be solved by money.
They don’t have to face this 80%. Plus, with money people are more free
to do whatever they want.

Ok, back to my initial topic.
I used to be envious of the type 1 people. Annoyed sometimes because

what I experienced will only be ” TV drama episodes” to them.
They never seen any ugly side of humanity, events like these are stories
they watched on dramas and probably will never ever have to face them.

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair.

We’ve experienced so much just for people like them to think we’re over

Then a few week backs I re-watched “Don’t be afraid of the dark”

Yeah, it’s a horror film. Funny how I learn things from it.
There was a part that stuck with me.
If you watched the film, it was about this old house that has
creepy tiny little fugly elf looking thing and they like to eat little children
blah blah. Then a family moved in and the creepy tiny elfs wanted to eat
the little girl by luring her into the darkness.
The girl complaint to the father but the father didn’t belief her.
She was so scared, if I was there, I would’ve left the house and ran far far away,
but you know, movies.

The step mum believed.
She said something like ” It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, to her it

is real.” Something along this line, to the father of the little girl.

Okay, my point here is this –
It doesn’t matter if I think the things type 1 people went through are stupid or

trivia, in fact, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of what others go through.
To them, the pain in real.

The event may seem pointless or petty to me, but to the person going through it,

it is real; The pain is real.

We are all in the same game, just different level.

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