Inner Peace

I think I kind of found my inner peace.

I have things I believe in, I have things I stand for.
I have a focused short term goal.
I am not as sad as I used to be. I have no idea why was I so sad last time.
I’m all good and all bad. I like how I am right now, I also like who I wanna be.
The only problem might be only be that I’m not “acting” on what I stand/believe
in as much as I would like. Helping those in need and stuff..

Recently. I thought I’m more interested in things that can “express” myself.
Media and stuff. Stuff that needs a little of creative flair, words and stuff.
Not very sure about it, but I have more time for it now since my job ended.

My straightforwardness never fails to amuse me.
I always seems to achieve new level of tactlessness and straightforwardness.
I love it.
I offend people sometimes. On purpose sometimes, and not so much some other times.
But I love it.
As I get older I really give less fucks. So little.
I like it. I just really don’t care.

Like, oh you think that way of me? Congrats, that’s nice to know, but I don’t care.
Of course, there are still things I care about, but they are so out of reach.
Like that Syrian kid.

Maybe deep down I still care how people think of me, but only the good things, if it’s bad, I don’t care.

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