I’m now a NCO. XD

Damn, it’s adead blog now, I want to blog but lazy -.-
Siian. Nevermind, I’ll post a picture for now.

Damn, I’m taking Secondary 1 .

NCO camp was a fun and enriching , and a slack one.
Shall not elaborate here, you’ll never know who’s reading
when your blog is open to everyone XD
This holiday have no difference from no holiday loh,
Got remedia if not CIP then course .
But never mind lah, at home also nothing to do .
Tomorrow have the leadership course thingy , then
have the CIP briefing.
Friday also have the Course.
Then Sat have the CIP , at Singapore Flyer.
Busy busy busy week.

People are acting weird …
&& it’s freaking me our. XO

NP 😀

Well, It’s not my fault is it? It’s like my first time not caring so much about how
others feel; I;m just doing what I think will make me happy.
Or did I really did something wrong ??? I never mean it.

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