I’m in deep shit.

I feel like the crystals, bearing the pressure of the Earth.

Life is confusing don’t you agree?
Or maybe just the people ?
It’s definitely the people .
Animals and plants are fine, they don’t confuse me.
Animals are all about the ecosystem and the survival of
the fittest.
They are always hunting for food, taking care of their young,
protecting their pack or family.
They take what they need, and wants nothing more.
They actually give to, helping one another.
Plants just stand there mind their own business.
(Though I believe they can read minds ._.)

Humans are not that easy.

Enough is never enough,
they we want more, and more, and more.
You hate to say this but the world is powered mainly by the greed,
selfishness and laziness of people
(Of course and some noble acts of people),
without these, everyone being contempt with what they have,
you’ll never get to see iPhone at all.

Greed, people want more. Wants the best.
Wants the latest, the coolest etc.
Then that’s when more are produced.
Market requirement increases, increase production.
More jobs. More people able to afford goods.
People wants more. The circle goes on.

Laziness no need say right?
If not people lazy walk they won’t invent wheels.
Or should I say level of comfort in living ?
All want comfy comfy environment, everything to be
within reach.

There’s this Chinese saying :”人不为己 天诸地灭”
Which somewhat means :

If human don’t act for themselves the world would be destroyed.
(Terrible translation haha)
You get what I mean lol.

Ironic isn’t it ?
All that we were brought up and told not to do are the things
that drives the world.

This post took me days to complete, lol.
Cause I keep stopping half way.

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