If anyone ask me if there is any type of books I really avoid to read, or even dislike,
will be those “reality stories”. You know those books that are written by person with
terrible past experience and they wrote those experience into books ?
For example, people who were disfigured by their crazy ex-boyfriend or
how a little girl was kidnapped and kept in the store room and was turned into a sex slave?

It’s not true to say I don’t read them at all, I read “Ugly”, and it’s most absolutely not true
to say it’s of no learning value. These kind of books are more inspiring than many.
It’s not weird to like how a certain people got raped and then get to leave the shadow of it behind.
Or is it ? ._. Whatever.
To know why I don’t like this kind of book, firstly you have to know why I LIKE to read books.
Books, or reading, bring you to all kind of places you’ll probably never gonna go in this life time.
They paint beautiful pictures of the Mount Olympus to scary pictures of how a gigantic jelly fish
looks. All in the mind, the male character can look like the crush and the evil stepmother can look
like the teacher you dislike. It’s a way you can escape the reality world. At least for me.

Now you want me to read about such terrible things ? It’s like reminding me how terrible this
already pretty awful world can be while I try to escape and not thing about it. Remind me how
people are not as nice as they seem, how heroes end up to be the villain . Sorry, I know I’m
ignoring the truth and can be a little ignorant about the ugly truth, but I like to keep it that way.
I want to believe there are extremely selfless and heroic people around .
I know there definitely are still people that are heroic, selfless, and even the perfect person
for you some where out there. I know there is. Unfortunately there are just too many examples
of the … ugly truth. Like recently a guy killed so many innocent little angels .

No thanks, I’ll live in my own world. Ignorant is bliss , I didn’t understand it.
Some times it’s better to not know so much .
Maybe that’s why those that seems to understand and know so little are so annoying some times.
They’re so lucky to not understand some times .

Stay stupid people, stay stupid.

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