I say HELLO.

Hiie 😀
As many of you know, I usually sleep 1/2 of my day off .
So today I woke up around 3. LOL , still dare say.
Okay, got work today mah then 5.30 PM need leave house.
So hor , when I’m prepared to leave house I saw my boss sms;
says that today office won’t have people so no need to go.
Wah, siian. Then heck lah, cause just now … my nood not very good.
So just go out and walk walk loh.
Want to find Woan Ting de but she nvr pick up her phone and
my handphone batt going flat ):
Then I walk alone loh, walked to khatib then walk around.
Sms MR Martin on the way then suddenly HP no batt -.-
Then I’m all alone, siian. Then I decided to go to NP,
yes alone, but I sit at the 811 bus stop for like hours the bus still not
here so I changed my mind of taking bus, I go take MRT to Yishun 😀
Clever right. Lol. But when I just go a few block away from the bus stop
I saw the bus driving pass me, and I saw Vincent in it I stare at him he stare
at me. LOL, very funny XD
When I reached NP, I also walked around aimlessly. Okay lah, got shop.
Then went to Popular, I SAW THE BOOK I WANT!!!
Siian , then after that walk around more, then MRT back to Khatib again, then
walk home from there. XD Actually from NP I bus home never, but the thing is
I have alot of time 😀

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