I actually have baby cousins too.

I’m missing my cousins sooooo much ):
Though they can really be a pain in the neck some times,
but their lifelines and laughter makes me miss them so much ):
How I wish they are in Singapore too.
Then I can visit them whenever I want.

On a totally unrelated note, let me share with you the dental
experience I had in China haha.
My aunt is a dentist in China, you see?
Since I need to for another thousand years for my dental
appoint, so I decided to let her do the job 😛

She works in the hospital dental dept in the small town.
Yeah, hospital with no air-con and no reception table.
My sister and I walked in like a boss as if that place
was a community center. No one gave us a second look.
We didn’t have to register or wait for our queue or turn.
We just walked in to my aunt treating another patient and
watched her attending to the patient. Awkward.
Well, they were perfectly fine with it as if it’s a norm.
Maybe it is.
Unlike Singapore, they do not have a room solely for a patient.
They have about 4 (?) surgical (?) chair in a big room.
The room definitely look no where near hygienic.
The closet and tables used to store the equipment are all made of
wood and I don’t see any “metal box” used to sanitize the used equipment.

Here are some pictures for your viewing .. pleasure ?

  Despite what I said, I believed the material my aunt used was actually better than those
we get from the ones we get for free from Singapore govt.

Remember the terrifying experience of filling the cavity ?
Yeah, Singapore dentist (those in Pri school and the Van) uses mercury, or some
sort of metal. Which is actually harmful in a way for us. Plus it’s unsightly.
What I got there was those white non metal ones which fill up the cavity as
good as new.

Of course the standard and hygiene here is definitely better, as you can see.
But it’s China, we have different standards of development here.

Braces cost 3-4K plus there too.


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