How can I not blog about the haze, I’m so bored.

I’m at home and wearing a mask while typing this. (Can’t breathe)

As all Singapore currently living in Singapore should know,
( There’s no way they don’t know unless they can’t see and don’t breathe.)
that this HAZE has been staying way longer and doing way too much harm
that any one thought of.
Look at the above picture, new highest record of PSI (401) ever recorded
in Singapore.

Singapore being covered in haze is not something new and unheard of.
Every years there’s once or twice that haze from Indonesia would be blown
here into Singapore’s atmosphere. It’s kinda the norm already, people won’t take
it too much to heart although some will whine here and there.
That’s because the haze comes and goes and it’s I’m not wrong, it’d never hit 200
and definitely not 300. I hardly notice any difference then.

This time is difference, I can smell the sawdust like thingy in the air.
Usually very healthy me starts having headaches and giddiness. :O
I’m even wearing a mask at home ! My house is too well ventilated, lol.
Okay this is not the point.

The point is, Singaporeans being Singaporeans our die hard habit of complaining
and blaming the gov will never change.
Evidents are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social medias
with the presence of Singaporeans.
There’s a live update of PSI on Facebook and Twitter and live footage of haze
all over Singapore on how bad the haze was ! Woah !
I didn’t even need to go to the NEA website for the updates.
Honestly it’s my first time accessing the website, just to get the chart. Heh.
Okay, I’m off topic again. Complains, I’m talking about complains. Blames, and
blaming too.

Many people have been complaining and blaming Indonesia for the haze.
Well, will that change anything ? Will that make the haze go away ?
NO !
Not only that, many doesn’t even know the situation and starts pointing fingers.
Yes, of course, Indonesia is definitely responsible.

There are these 2 groups. The rich and big one and the helpless and poor one.
Burning the field that was left over after harvesting will not only provide
the land nutrition that can help the next batch of crops, it also provide the
farmer a very FAST and CHEAP way to clear the land !
The poor farmers, being poor and lack of manpower (cause they are poor)
and NOT WELL EDUCATED see no reason why they shouldn’t use the
burn method.
Being not well educated how would they know the harmful effects and the
consequences. I have no doubts that there’s definitely some in Indonsia
still doesn’t know Singapore was so deeply affected by the haze.
Yes, Indonesian gov did implements laws on such style but are the
government going to feed the many mouths that depends solely on the
cultivation ?
Even if it’s me given no other alternatives and agriculture is all I know I think :
” Heck, I’ve got so many mouths to feed. If I don’t do this what else can I do ?
There’s nothing else I know. Shall just do it first and see how.”
These small scale algriculture farmers are always the one taking and getting
most of the blame. Why ? They are poor, easy to be bullied.

The bigger organizations have much more monetary resources to cover what
they need to. Indonesia is too big to be controlled and ruled like Singapore.
These big organizations are usually the ones that cause the huge haze that can
travel all the way to Singapore.
Do you really think the same scale plantations can cause so much haze ?
WRONG ! They can’t, the area they burn are not as huge. (Unless in situations where
the situations of the fire gets out of control. Who can control fire and wind directions?)
The big big companies which grows lots and lots of plants are the ones (usually)
that cause the far travelling haze.
Being rich, they can just pay some money that cover some mouths.
How will the authories sent to investigate the problem repot to their superiors?
Point fingers to the farmers loh, what can they (farmers) do?

The gorvenment of that country isn’t very bright, can totally tell
when they said something this stupid to the media.
Even if we are indeed childish (No comments), who on Earth is dumb
enough to tell the media which can be accessed world wide ?
What you say about others tells others more about yourself than what you’re
trying to say about that person.

You get my point ?
Nevermind if you don’t.
我自己 blog 自己爽. (:

So let’s all concentrate on how to keep your families healthy and focus
on something else to do indoors and spend your time wisely instead of
making everything looks so miserable ?

Ok. Bye ~

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